Sunday, September 21, 2014

Professional Japanese woodworking tools..... IN ENGLISH!

I haven't noticed this before, but Pro Shop Hokuto has an English language site. This store is one of my primary information sites for REALLY nice stuff. To date, I've been viewing it in the Google-ized translated gobbledygook version.

Samurai Tools Pro Shop Hokuto


OK, I guess that it's not all that I had hoped for. I wanted everything spoon fed to me, but......

On the positive side, the site has the Japanese kanji side by side with the English (at least in some places). That helps immensely! I have been trying to parse out meaning, through example and guesstimate. This can act as a Japanese tool dictionary for the hard/unusual terms that I can't find anywhere else.

I wish that I had this resource 2 years ago!


  1. I already ordered a hammer there :) and I'm looking to saws in a quite lusty way.

    The guy replying the mails, Hitoshi, is really friendly. And they shipped same day I payed. Once the hammer arrives, will show off.


  2. I read many article about the subject. But this article is really a good summary and introduction to the subject.
    Adrian G


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