Sunday, March 1, 2015

What to write... Digging Hulgelbeets?

Hmmmm.......time seems to be escaping me......


I would love to say that I've been so busy.... using awesome tools....building incredible things.....but, well, mostly I've been driving. Drive my daughter to school. Drive home to get the water jugs they we use for storing our potable water supply, then drive to the public water tap and fill them (and possibly squeeze in a trip to the dump/recycling center while I'm at it). Drive back home, then maybe drive into Hilo for some shopping at Home Depot/Safeway/Walmart, then drive back to the Mountain View school to pick up my daughter. Then drive BACK to town to get groceries. Ahhhhh....fond memories of the good old days, back when we had refrigeration.


Although I'm all aware that the east coast of the USA has been getting pummeled be winter storm after winter storm (and I am duly sympathetic,believe me!) here on the big island of Hawaii we've been in the midst of this crazy drought that has our burgeoning garden fighting for its life. Actually it's not that bad, I'm just bitching about needing to actually water the plants. Isn't that supposed to happen automatically every night? We are spoiled here, it's true.




Despite putting on nearly 400 miles /wk on my awesome little Scion Xa (thank god for 40 mpg!), I've somehow managed to squeeze in a few projects.




German style permaculture, raised bed gardens....Hugelbeets.


(Wow! Don't know what happened to some of these photos but...)
Pile up a bunch of branches, leaves, and sticks.


You might want to cut the pieces smaller, in which case I use an embarrassingly non-japanese saw (But at least it has Japanese saw-style teeth,haha!).




Enlist your heat-fatigued daughter to jump on the pile, to compact it down. She'd rather be off hunting something.



build it up in layers, but add in some soil and /or compost every now and then, because we want this thing to ROT.



If you're feeling very can add some, ahhhhh, human elements.



Decorate as you see fit.....



Then, cover the whole thing in topsoil. Plant some stuff,then hope that it grows. Everything else here grows faster than I would've thought possible, so I don't know why this should be any different. Stick stuff in the ground, then kind of gardening!


We (Renee) planted a couple of Dragon fruit plants, and has thoughts of adding some Japanese squash, maybe some bush beans, or maybe......well, there are many different options to explore.



So, sorry that there isn't much that is very interesting. One of these days I hope to actually break out the tools and actually build something. God knows there enough that needs doing, I just need to start DOING it,haha.



  1. Looks nice. I love the stonework. We were just talking about how the Sunday we visited you was the favorite day of our vacation. Also that our trip to the Big Island made it worse for use, not better as far as wanting to be somewhere warm.

    1. Brandon my friend,it is good to see you here, and we miss you like family (Better maybe,haha......shhhhh).

      The stonework (mine) is much of an embarrassment,being only the minimum required to maintain verticality. A well laid drystone wall would be about 2 feet thick, but I am feeling shamefully lazy of late. Renee has lately been on a tear, building more stonework planters, and I will show more pictures soon.

      I was just reading of the Yoders adventures in Mexico (sadly sans-sailing, still stupendous), and was struck by how perhaps a bit of what I love so much about this place is that it reminds me of Mexico in some ways. Laid back friendly people, nice weather, slightly foreign customs at times.....

      I am a home-body, but I love the novelty of travel. You guys have sooooo much in front of you. I am still envious! You will be here soon.


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