Sunday, November 3, 2013

New November Novaculite?

A cold and rainy day. Perfect for thinking about work instead of doing it. I got a new rock yesterday. Evidently from a farm auction in Iowa, owned by a rock and gemstone collector....

In all it's greasy glory. Any ideas? Washita stone?

New/old stone, as received. Arkansas? Lily White? 102-50-28 mm
I scrubbed it down using dish soap.

Looks a bit better. Still dirty though.

Bath time!

After boiling and lapping. Purple and rust colored lines, works great, very fast and smooth, no nagura needed (say that 5times fast), white and purple slurry, med/fine finish.

The stone is an off white/cream color with a relatively coarse grain structure. Quartzy looking, more than chert. 
So there you have it. I have no idea what it is, mostly because I know so little about oilstones in general. It is a very pretty stone, lighter in person than the photos show, works up a black swarf very quickly using only water and I wish it was about 10x as big. I'll put it to work and report back later. Outside input from those in the know would be welcome.

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