Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ODC - Cut your sharpening time in half (or do 2x better, your call)

I told you that things would get interesting, didn't I? Didn't I?

Well, for those still awake, this stuff is REALLY neat! I saw such dramatic results by using the ODC nagura that I needed to do some more comparisons.

The ODC made the stones FAST, so lets see how fast....starting here with a different chisel and DMT Xfine 1200 diamond finish. Lets try the Amakusa, my everyday stone...

30 second intervals. No ODC, not much happening. Starting to see some definition, though.

Add ODC slurry

+30 s. Scratches disappearing, lots of dark slurry forming. Lamination line fully visible.

+30 s. Better

+30 s. Better, but diamond scratches are still visible.

+30 s. No significant change, diamond scratches still visible...

As are the sharpening scratch pattern from this stone. This is pretty good. WAY better than using the Amakusa with just a diamond nagura! You know what I am wondering? Lets try the hard gray shale from GSS.....

Back to square one

+30 s. Yeah, I like this one better...the diamond scratches are almost gone, there are a few faint ones from the gray shale. Lets try the volcanic tuff....

+1 minute. Lets try the Altamura shale...

The shale fractured along some seams that weren't visible. I didn't care, because it didn't seem to work very well. With this chisel, though....totally different! Lots of black creamy slurry and strong polishing power.

+1 minute. This is about as high as this stone will go, maybe JIS 6000-80000. The stone is small and has a chip right in the middle of the surface. Rudy is looking for a better one for me.

So when I sharpened the other chisel on the same stones, I got a higher polish. I assumed that it was because THIS chisel is new and not as hard as the old mortising chisel. This stone is hard, so naturally I thought that IT was scratching the steel, so this would be the highest finish possible. At least for this combination. Remember when I said that each combination of stones yields different results for different tools?

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