Monday, May 18, 2015

Saturday's at the farm

Every other Saturday, I've been helping my Tahitian friend Yoric and his wife Emily, out at the Punachicks farm ( ). 100% all organic, free range chickens, and great people too.

I guess that you would call me the " top an bottom" guy, removing the heads and feet of the chickens after they have been plucked. I'm not gonna show any of that stuff, TMI and all, but it is a good place to spend time with great people. Yoric and family are back home in tahiti for a month, visiting family and such but leaving me with the chickens.

Here is some of a normal day.




Yoric and Raiavea (....and nobody likes posing with their dad).



Charlie "The knife".









Buggie "The pup"








Sherman (RIP)








It was getting hot that afternoon.









I soon relinquished control of the iPad to Raiavea, so that she could take some better photos.












Anavai, Mahiku, Raiavea





This is how we feel about fire ants.





Our meanest faces.



  1. Are there chickens in your future at Fern Acres? Seems a natural. Renee sent me the "Rat Story." Do the eco system a favor and kill as many of those SOBs as possible. I hate rats. If you need more advice, just ask.

    Love you guys and think of you often.

    1. For being the most gentle of people.........

      Rats beware! We have Mr Ford on retainer!

  2. Oh, one more thing. A friend here in Newport spent a couple of years building churches in Hawaii. He said the highest compliment he ever received was that he had a Hawaiian heart. You, my friend, have a Hawaiian heart.

    1. Thank you for the kindness. Mostly I just try to not be a PITA,haha.

      This place is special, and unlike anywhere else that I have lived before. Courteous drivers who wave you forward, despite them having the right-of-way. A strong emphasis on cultural tradition and "proper" behavior. Respect for the land coupled with an understanding of our own transient presence on it, "We are here only at Pele's indulgence." And family is all.

      A good place.

  3. I grew up on a farm and have decapitated, plucked, and cut up many many chickens. My Mother's fried chicken is fantastic (I'm sure everyone says that about their mom) as is her chicken and noodles (I cut a lot of noodles as well). I'm very envious of your journey!!


    1. Haha, thanks Paul! My mother would be shocked (!! Sorry mom!!) to hear me be that complimentary about her cooking. She is one of the kindest, loving and most patient of individuals, but she has a nearly super-natural ability to make a crockpot beef stew that defies physics by being both dry and chewy, haha.

      The chicken killing thing is quite new for me, but actually has elements of the ceremonial in it. Sad, but necessary, I often feel a bit melancholy on "chicken" days.

      If you ever eat at the Four Seasons Resort in Kona, this is where your chicken came from. These are REALLY good chickens!


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