Saturday, May 2, 2015


I seem to remember a while back, saying that I was going to be posting more photos? More pictures, less talk? Friends and family have been clamoring for some pics, so.....


Updates, from a while back.







Clearing slash piles, turn this into....








This. Piles of brush. Messy, messy.




What I really really really want to be doing is to be forging some tools, banging hot metal. My intent is to be converting these piles of brush into charcoal, but that's still a little ways off.






Some (other people's) pictures that give me strength through this slow period of getting my ducks in a row.

I sincerely apologize for not properly attributing these photo credits. These were found on great blogs that I've already shared, or will share, I'm just a bit scrambled right now,ha ha.

Pretty much my ideal forge setup. Minimal, portable, economical.
As my friend Sebastian so gently reminds me, I still need to build a saw sharpening vise.


This would be my goal.




I found a schematic, drawn by our metate /hero ChoMasaru /Nagatsu-san.





OK, here is a mystery tool that I keep seeing in my Japanese saw sharpening research.




This seems to be a scraper, slightly similar to a sen, but I'm not sure really. Initially I thought that it was for knocking off the tiny burrs that are left after filing the teeth, post sharpening but.....


It looks to be softly rounded in shape, so it seems unlikely to be a cutting tool, more something for burnishing the steel blade. It could be for burr removal I suppose.




Anyways, what I HAVE been doing is buying junk lumber at the junkyard....



Of course it's buried under about 8 layers of paint.


Planing it clean....






And making some shelves.






All under the watchful gaze of our friend the native Hawaiian hawk.





Far from timid, one day he actually flew down, landed on our coffee pot and scorched his toes. At least he doesn't hold a grudge.


Hawaii is such a friendly place.


  1. Finally you are back!

    I do like that set up too for the forge, I wonder who of us will be the first one on writing the Fuigo making tutorial...

    NIce to see you working with a civilized saw again :)

    1. Funny that you should mention the fuigo......

      The gauntlet appears to have been thrown down, haha! You of all people can appreciate the quandary that I am currently in. I have been scrounging materials for that exact project but I keep getting in my own way. My desire for practicality would dictate that I use a thin, smooth plywood for the bulk of the structure but........I can't get excited about that material. What I really want to use is a 3-4 mm cedar or Redwood. Not as practical, but SOOO much nicer to work with.

      My other dilemma would be that I want to cut the thin cedar planks, using my largest nokogiri, sharpened ChoMasaru madronoko style ( 'cept I haven't done that yet either). At the rate that I am going,that should be sometime next year, haha.


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Thanks, Jason