Thursday, October 31, 2013

Au naturel - Jyunsyouhonyama

Jyunsyouhonyama stone purchased from I think that means something like genuine article from the finest mountain, or some such. Disclaimer applies.

Size 145-82-15 mm green/gray with an incomplete and un-scratchy fracture

Chiseled back face, sides and bottom varnished with poly

Lightly marbled appearance, looks like solidified mud.

Moderately soft and thirsty.
This is another easy stone to use. I paid $50 with free shipping and consider it well worth the money. A good learner stone, relatively hard, needs no nagura. Dishes slightly, so you can learn good edge and corner technique if you want it to last as long as possible. Real men don't NEED to flatten (JK ;-)! Smooth, nice feedback. Finishes out at maybe 8000+? I can use this after my Suehiro rika 5000 (synthetic) and consider it good enough for carpentry. I like to go a bit finer, because I can.

Lets sharpen!

T= 30 seconds (after Tanba?)

Nice smokey mirror on steel and iron
 Not too much to say, really. I like it. I would buy larger size.

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