Thursday, October 31, 2013

Au naturel - Ozuku Asagi

Ozuku asagi from Asagi means green, but this stone is more of a light tan color. Taupe?

Size 142-83-10 mm, tan/green very hard and fine

Back is very uneven, 15 mm tapering to about 8 mm. Bottom and sides varnished with poly.

Again, this one looks like solidified mud.

Mark, at, seems like a nice guy and will give you the straight talk on rocks and what he sells. They are actually real people! Very responsive and offer free shipping on orders over $60, so go spend! I find their prices are among the lowest, and when you factor in the free shipping.....AND they are good business people, meaning honest and ethical. It is sad that that is so notable, but.....

Anyway, they were out of these stones, so I wrote to ask if they would notify me when/if any came in. Mark immediately replied that they were gone and unlikely to get more, but he had ONE that he had just found, but it wasn't exactly perfect. "SEND IT!". I have since seen them selling elsewhere, and I like mine alot. When these stones are gone, you might not find them again. Prices only seem to go up and sharpening stones are consumables. Also, many people collect them, FWIW.

Very hard, uses almost no water and likes a nagura slurry to start. DMT 1200 diamond. 
T = 30 seconds (after jyunsyou)

Nice bright mirror. My kanna irons love this stone. All my tools love this stone!
This is another stone that just loves to be used. Hard, slow wearing and surprisingly fast. Maybe 10,000-12,0000 grit. Intermediate skills required, I suppose. This one is small. I need to stick it to some wood. Mostly I use it for doing the backs of plane irons and chisels. When I get rich, I will buy a full sized one. Smooth, but not too grabby. I miss it already.

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