Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, is anyone home?......

I apologize for the prolonged absence. We recently got two new additions to the family, a couple of young cats, and right off the bat......my computer took a fatal spill. *Sigh*

So, new tablet computer in hand, i realize that these things are far from handy when it comes to typing ( not my strong suit to begin with)! I am still trying to decide where to go with this, so in the meantime, the posts will definitely have a different feel to them. SOOOOOO frustrating! Ive been busy with a number of projects, old and new, and have lots to talk about, i just need to find a reasonable means to do so.

box stock
Pine box to-be

plane speaking
More kanna tuning

Laundry room rebuild


But the new door looks good

My daughter Eliana has been busy as well.

birds de-constructed
Just hangin' out, playin' with dead stuff
We had a couple of bird strikes the other day and what does Ellie do? Pops them in the freezer, plucks the feathers for materials for a bird model/ display that she is planning, and starts researching ways to strip the flesh so that she can have some cool bird skeletons.....that's my daughter. Lest you think the blame lies solely on me, I assure you that my wife, Renee Bellinger, can be a bit odd at times as well.

 I need to start posting again or I'll have to add "inactive" to the list of adjectives that describe this thing.
Key words: inactive, obscure, irrelevant, obsolete.....confusing?

A quick shout out (does anyone say that anymore?) to my first follower. Hi Brandon! Brandon and his wonderful wife Virginia are owned by my old sailboat, a Columbia 43 ex-Oceanis now named Hagoth. Commiserate with them on their much more entertaining and well written blog....

Proud new owners

The log of Hagoth

Not to be too morbid, but prior to my MOAS (a PMP ((pseudo-myxoma peritonei)) term, Mother Of All Surgeries) when dying on the operating table was an all too real possibility, i started the divestiture process and put our sailboat up for sale at a superficially crazy cheap price. Brandon and Virginia were able to overlook the rough and have the vision and skill to give this lady a new life. I hope that they don't end up cursing me till the end of their days :-)

Brandon also gets a share of the blame for my re-kindled interest in woodworking. I'll write on that soon, as it forms a new core to the tool worship/sharpening thing that I've got going on. Now lets see if i can figure out how to include some pics.....

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