Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Workshop storage solutions (I need some!)and a box for Aunt Doreen

One of the purposes of this blog was/is to remind me of how quickly things change. Allow me to take a brief step backwards in time....... These are roughly before/after pics.

Piles on top of piles. Most of this mess is stacks of lumber, projects to be.

The lumber has moved. This will be a long planing bench with storage underneath...... maybe.

Wow! I know that there is a chisel here, somewhere. Next to the files? Yikes!

Bye bye shelf of tools, hello shelf of lumber. I suppose that you could say that the lumber pile just moved next door. From one side of the shop to the other.

The first step was to actually finish the drawers for the ol' workbench. That freed up a huge amount of space. Now if I could only remember which drawer has the files, I could find a chisel....

Blank slate. This will be a vertical plywood storage (hateful stuff!).

Finally, room to turn around in.....

.....and then there is this. It is hard to know when to stop.

A few days ago, my wife's aunt Doreen stopped in for a visit , and she was kind enough to accept a gift. I thought that she might enjoy seeing a few pictures of the creative process.....

Port Orford Cedar


Bronze nails


Oil first, then shellac

I made this last year, a design loosely based on a traditional Japanese tool box. Now it will be used to store tools of a different nature, a thread box perhaps.

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