Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dirty little secret

Brain spinning,

sitting here thinking,

and found myself here this morning.

The hook for me, was that one of the people mentioned doesn't use soap.

I have a secret.......

I don't use soap either.

At least not all of the time. 

One of the things that I have been very slow to learn, is how to live with cast iron cookware. All of those years spent enduring crap skillets, when what I needed was cast iron. I had tried, but something just didn't click, and I don't know what the problem was, but for some reason, they just didn't work for me.

Maybe my expectations were too high? 

Well, what I HAVE decided is that NOTHING works perfectly, in the non-stock realm. Non-stick fails after a while, and sheds little chunks of grit that get in your food. This freaks my wife out. I don't worry about that, but I also don't like crunchy stuff in my food that I didn't put in, either. The shit only works for a little while anyways, and then you need to buy another pot /pan/sheet. I'm sick of buying stuff (says the guy who has 102,000 weird Japanese tools, haha!).

My beautiful, newly sane wife, Renee Bellinger, PhD!!! bought a nice cast iron skillet a few years ago now, and it works ok. Just fine, not perfect, but what does, right? Now I like these things. I seasoned another one, using boiled linseed oil, and that worked great. Our neighbor moved, leaving me with a pile of the darn things, and I don't know what to do with all of that largesse, but anyways.

After I use the cast iron skillet, I rinse it well in the sink...... Warm it on the stove...... Rub it with vegetable oil....

.... Then stick it in the oven. Preferably with a little kanna blade for company.

It turns out that this works great for plain old cookie sheets, too. 

Finally, a non-stick cookie sheet! 

But no soap, usually.

My dirty little secret.

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