Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moving to Hawaii

OMG OMG OMG.......we are actual moving! In just another few days (like, 2 of them!), we are going to be on the big island..... Hawaii!

That we are moving to the Hilo area has been known for a while now, but what we haven't known was where we are actually going to be * living*. 

I like this place.....

..... But Renee said 👎. 

I don't see what her problem is, it kind of reminds me of the old farmhouse in "My neighbor Totoro"! 

Renee likes this place.....

...... And so do I , but it is an expensive vacation rental, not someplace that you'd actual be living in long-term. Super cute, though. The ability to live open air, like this, will be something new for me, and I'm still a bit sceptical, to say the least. I'm more used to thick insulation and woodstoves, myself.

So here it is, our new home.

Kind of a combination of the two, wouldn't you say? It helps if you use your imagination (as we are, haha!)

Looking for the ideal caretaker/tenant for a special property in Fern Acres. We have 4 acres with a long snaking driveway through 4 acres of lush Ohia forest. There are two large clearings near the back of the property, one is 75'x100' the other is 50'x50' and has a small cabin and many recently planted fruit trees. The ideal tenant would be someone who wants to build their own piece of paradise on a newly cleared and very private space. There are many rocks and trees and natural materials already available on the property as well as some building materials. The zinc corrugated roof is catchment ready and just needs a little time investment to set up. We are looking for someone who wants to live simply and enjoy gardening and building their own off-grid experience. The property is gated and locked and the cabin has excellent security (2 deadbolts and security shutters on the windows. The cabin has a skylight as well as two large (3'x3') windows and a large front door. The cabin is quaint and simple. The cabin is bare-bones and is able to be modified however you would like. The cabin has a front porch with a roof, providing shade and protection from the rain. What makes this rental experience so unique is that we encourage you to plant, grow, build, and do whatever you want. For the owners this property is a future fruit farm. The only thing we will be doing is periodically adding more fruit trees to the property. We will give you over 5,000 square feet to plant and landscape as you would like. We would love to find a long-term renter who will be willing to care for this beautiful piece of the 'aina like it is their own. The propery is a blank slate, come bring your vision to this peaceful spot. Put down a 400 dollar deposit, pay first and last months rent, sign the lease, and move in now.
If you have ever wanted to live on the land, build, farm and have your own property to do so, now you can. For only 400 a month you can have a 4 acre farm under your feet to live your Hawaiian dream. Located in Fern Acres 10 minutes from shops, 20 minutes from Hilo and 20 minutes to volcano. Lease term negotiable. Pets ok.

Yep. Our kind of place. The owners sound very nice (yes, we even talked to them on the phone. Hi Robin!).

So there you have it, you now know as much as we do, haha haha haha * insert hysterical laughter*...

We are getting a mobil hot-spot, so this blog "thing" will be continuing, but the focus will definitely be shifting a bit. Probably not as much tool fixing, but there will be more tool using. I can guarantee that there will be blacksmithing involved and, as there is no power source, everything will be hand powered. I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures.

This is going to be sooooooo fun!

You gotta love craigslist........ Surely one of the greatest means, of assisting fools with meeting their destiny.


  1. Between Totoro and a post apocalyptic zombie shelter. The barricade tape looks awesome.

    On the other hand, Renee's choice lacks joinery... I bet you can build something like that but properly made, in what, 2 weeks? I count around 200 mortices to make the upper fence on the walls, by hand. Fun fun fun.

    Let me know if you are in need of some more saws.

    Good Luck! I'm envious. Mostly of the weather.

    1. Haha, zombie apocalypse, haha.... Yeah, I see it, too.

      Actually, that house can be yours, free for the taking. I bet that great old house was built using miles of oldgrowth redwood..... Sad, but a great salvage for someone (Renee won't let me, haha!).

    2. What, so you need to pay the land only? Do I get a visa if I buy a piece of land? I promised never again going to the states after being in Chicago, but I guess I was talking of the continental part, so still can visit Alaska and Hawaii.

      Have a good last day and keep the pictures coming!

  2. Can I ask what prompted the move? You might have mentioned in a previous post that I missed.

    What new skills do you see taking on in your new locale? Farming? Orchardist? That's a beautiful looking plot of land.

    1. Hi Mike (it is Mike, right?)!

      My wife has been hired as a project geneticist for a large study through the University of Hawaii, Hilo.... I'm just along for the ride. So spoiled,i am!

      No doubt, this will be an incredible opportunity to broaden my already, um, unique skill-set. Where does one begin, there is so much! Mostly I am looking forward to spending more time at the forge. It's been too long!

      Thanks for writing!

  3. Jason and family:

    Good luck with the move, enjoy the weather and Merry Xmas!


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