Saturday, December 20, 2014

First thoughts.

So, here we are, a million things are running through my head, and I've got writer's block. I thought about calling this post, "How NOT to move to Hawaii!", but after the first few days, things have begin to settle down a bit. Thank god.

It's 5 o'clock in the morning, but I've been awake for over 2 hours now. Being so close to the equator, our days are only slightly longer than our nights, and add to this the fact that we've got no electric lights....... Nights are long. I'm used to sleeping 4-5 hours at a stretch. What am I supposed to do with this wealth of restful time? Listen to the roosters crow (there are many!)? Count barking dogs (lots of them, too)? 

Despite working for over two months to get our house ready for our new tenant (the last week of which being a non-stop blur of working until my body could take no more, then literally passing out into a chair for a 2 hour nap, followed by more work..... Not recommended.), so much still remained to be finished, that we were forced to skip our scheduled flight out (and reschedule at great expense). That gave us a few more days. More work. 

I have never done anything harder, or more unpleasant. Let's just leave it at that.

Alaska Air has a VERY accommodating baggage policy, allowing us to fill a seemingly unlimited number of huge plastic bins with as close to #100 lbs as we could, then having them (the bins) miraculously appear in Hawaii, only minutes after we landed. Incredible! And for less money than nearly every other option, too. 

Renee somehow found us a pickup truck to rent, which we piled high with most of our worldly belongings, then proceeded to drive aimlessly, killing time until we could coordinate contact with our landlord and obtain directions to our new home. Our flight had landed on one side of the island, in Kona, while we needed to be on the other side, closer to Hilo, so off we went.

Wal-Mart was found.

Geckos were sighted.

And we made it. Home sweet shed. 

It's perfect.


  1. Looks like the beginning of a great adventure, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Siavosh!

      Yes, a great adventure.... To say the least, haha! It is hard to know where to start, as the slate is very nearly blank here. The potential is huge, though.

      I actually lived in the wilds of Montana for 2 years, completely off-grid, no power, running water, nothing. Also dirt poor. Being poor was the hardest part, by far. At least this time we have more opportunities available to us.

      And the technology! We are still connected! Amazing!!

  2. Great to see your new sunny life Jason! Sincerely looking forward to how it will develop.

    I would not be surprised if in a year or two you are exporting hawaiian sharpening stones and marking knives.

    And god, your wife seems crazier than you. Beautiful to see such a pair of crazy people making a life of their own. Blessed the internet, and keep us posted :)

    1. And the most amazing part?


      I love her, the most incredible woman, truly.

  3. I don't care if that is a shed, I am jealous.

    1. Hi Paul!

      It truly is a shed, tools and everything..... but soon to be much more. This area has such a wealth of natural building materials, my imagination is running amuck! Rocks/lava combined with an almost unlimited supply of long, supple tree branches.....hmmmm.

      I need Sebastian to visit, sharpen all of my saws, haha! And real Japanese tools are sold at the hardware store!

      Life is good here.

  4. Thanks for posting Jason! Your pictures are much clearer than Skype. Hugs-Joan

    1. Yes, and SO many more pictures are to come....... If I can only figure out the darn blog app that I'm working with now. So many new things that I'm trying to implement, with only some success. Frustrating, but fun.

      Life is good, and thanks for checking in!


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